Did you know- You are living for a purpose currently!

Procrastination was running circles in my head.While I sat down contemplating, realizing i'd just wound up left for dead. I looked around me and all I seemed to see was people going nowhere expecting sympathy. Really where am I gonna go with this?! I thought had it all mapped out. Two years of this, four years of that. Then this-that and ta-da reach at a destination I want to be. But here I am stuck where getting a PhD in some subject seems a lot easier task than passing some other subject. Following so many things going around but not finding complete purpose in a single thing. Wondering my contribution to society is zero but somehow I'm not even contributing to my own life.
Forget about humans being social animals for a second, if we are animals like all of them we must have some ultimate purpose. Animals have survival to be their purpose I guess. Now us being social I think we can assume reaching a state that we can manage basic survival but now we have to find a purpose for this survival. As a child it seemed so easy.Like winning a cricket match against the neighboring society(the ultimate rivals) would give you a sense of purpose. Creating nuisance in school was the biggest sense of purpose ever and that lasted for years. But as we grew up this slowly started to fade somewhere between we ourselves getting us into achieving too much maybe and a few forced to do's .Then all we achieved was the lack of determination on all of them.Yeah you! you were so great with that guitar of your's reminding me of Slash and you were such a brain maniac you could be the next Dr.Sheldon Cooper and where are you now? Guitar- ehh! Knowledge- ehh! We started giving up on things so easily, maybe because somewhere we learnt the art of adjusting. In childhood I want a red balloon meant not a single damn other thing would be acceptable however better it would appear than that simple balloon. But now: yeah I'm really good at this thing but if that doesn't go well I have this other thing and also some other thing.
We were taught to take the road less taken. We took the "roads" less taken ,maybe also sent a few drones along other roads. But what we weren't told that the road you take has a destination and maybe the purpose of that road is to reach the destination.But you have to strive to make that journey possible,enjoy that journey,cherish every step and make the journey memorable than the destination.I really don't know what destination I am going with this. Took a few thoughts and typed them down as they came into my mind. I write and throw it away but it's time those writings started getting some sense of purpose.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.                                                                                          - The secret life of walter mitty

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