Zombie apocalypse for real

The views written in this article are not at all meant to make fun of someone's suffering. Consider it a thin vieled metaphor. Do not take this seriously.Continue reading at your own risk and remember no offense!

A sunky scientist or some I gotta control the entire world politician/business man spreads some virus all over the world. Almost everyone gets infected. Now his grand plan to earn money is that only he has the vaccination to control the outbreak. Whatever money people are ready to pay, is his! Sounds simple enough. The basic storyline of so many games, t.v series on a zombie apocalypse theme.

Now people think this could inspire someone to do this in real life. What if I say, something in real life has been the same as this thing but we are too foolish to notice. What if the ebola virus, the hiv virus, the swine flu virus,polio...and so on; were all created and marketed by the people who just wanted to earn money by selling out the cure or prevention for these.

So forget fictional works. We all are real life characters of a zombie apocalypse in a way! This is the real 21st century breakdown.

Thought came into my mind wrote it down!  Got nothing else to do. Reviews welcome


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