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Saturday Morning, 4 A.M.

           Restless, he could not sleep. An empty brain filled with a thousand voices yet all that echoed was silence. He woke up and as he rubbed his eyes it was all a blur like aerials of light circling around in the dark. This darkness felt like a long acquaintance to him, something that had been watching over him just like old buddies meeting after a long time. All he knew was that a vision approached him...embracing him. Every day as he slept the vision slowly grew within him...he began to realize   now as the voices merged into one. In unison, they all echoed and took him to a place he had never been before.               On that restless   night   he walked alone on the busy streets. He could see dreams everywhere. He saw people dream of visiting beautiful places around the globe. He saw people salvaging the world. The world cried,for those who would not get to see her beauty and for those who were stupid enough to spoil her beauty. People who spoke about peace

Types of Species you can see in Engineering colleges during Submissions!!

Two weeks of rigorous writing and yet the ghost of submissions isn't past me. Though it sounds like some usual academic thing but it is much brutal than the submission you saw in 50 shades! Being bored with a monotonous life as usual and hence coming here to make myself feel good*grins*, I decided to take screenshots whenever I found something unique during this festive season of submission. So, here's a list of some of THE TYPES OF SPECIES YOU CAN SEE IN ENGINEERING COLLEGES DURING SUBMISSIONS: 1. The Confused bunch: Everyone has their own doubts and nobody knows what's going on. Well, this the first sign that submissions have begun! 2. The Completers: While everyone is yet to start writing. These are the people who have everything ready. Thanks to them the entire class has someone to follow.  3.The Hoarders: They will find out every first completed assignment and take it home. Yet after a week they haven't written a thing. They are like scavenge

Yet Another Brick In The Wall

He was a dreamer... Until he realized he'd slept too long, Everyone who bade him goodnight before he slept Was now amidst the sunny day far gone. Everyone had priorities and he prioritized everyone Only to find he was second on everyone's list. He used to give a fuck,so now he could give a fuck less. Jack of no trades , defeating himself in every second attempt.. This time he shoot for the moon and got lost gazing at the stars. He waved and smiled, Learning to solve problems of the world For his problems stopped being a problem. They've been successful in programming his soul He doesn't have dreams anymore,he just has goals! Well listening to Pink Floyd and having in mind that engineer's day had just passed by made me write this one. Even I couldn't expect such negativity from me , but being nothing makes you write about something I guess. Thanks for reading. Adios! Title courtesy - Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd

How to be a nationalist!

                      "Aa mere watan ke logon..........,"the sound of this evergreen melody by Lata Mangeshkar being performed in a school nearby woke me up. My mind was confused between either getting up or taking a trip down the memory lane remembering those good ol' school days where Independence day celebration was just as grand as any other Indian festive affair. Determined,not to waste the morning somehow I woke up. I put up the national flag on the door which I had bought the day before from a young kid selling them on a traffic signal. 'I fail to understand the irony that the people selling these flags are the ones to whom the nation fails to even provide the basic human needs'.  I glared across the hallway noticing that my neighbour had outdone me by decorating his entire door with flags and heart shaped balloons having the Indian tricolor.'Well good for him. But,maybe instead of decorating a particular area for just a day we bothered more about kee


Until a couple of weeks ago I had made it up in my mind to write about the devastating rains ruining my vacations. From the season of love it had turned into a weapon of mass destruction for all us Mumbaikars. Every single plan was cancelled as it would rain heavily in the morning and then the media asked everyone to stay indoors. Thanks to the same rains that the internet connection was unstable and I was too bored to type on the blogger app. I had to use a 3G net pack for clash of clans. *cries* Stupid rains! It can be justified why this city started hating this season so much by looking at these pictures. Trains halted, offices closed,people trapped,cars turning into amphibians it was all happening here! I'm sure you've seen many of these and get a gist of what I mean. So here I was; irritated by this shitty weather but then I took a hike to my village. Mostly because I have become a jobless jack these days. Now, I have no photography skills nor do I own a ca

After an earthquake!

It wasn't a very long day at school for him. All day he was busy thanking each of his friends and teachers who wished him. He had never been so excited before! He had invited all his friends to his house in the evening. Afterall it was his tenth birthday today. The hands of the clock on the classroom wall displayed 5 p.m and the school bell rang. He had already packed  his backpack minutes ago. Everyone rushed outside. He felt overjoyed in anticipation of the evening to come.. He bade goodbye to his friends and decided to take the long way home. His home was about four blocks away from his school. As he walked past buildings and gardens he remembered how his last birthday had been the best birthday of his life. His parents had sent him with his grandfather to get something from the market. Where his grandfather treated him with his favorite sweets and chocolates. As they returned home his grandfather asked him to open the door. He opened the door and boom, everyone shouted out &q

Lucid Bunking - a lame poem

I stared blank into the abyss, a sea of 1's and 0's; the sound of silence whispered in my ears, as I ignored the banter of pages. I get a text on my phone, "look out of the window pane." I see a  black knight with no sword and shield Instead he's got a pen and an attendance sheet. "I got yo back bruh ! Just take the plane." The wall breaks and a fighter jet stops right by, I get on it, bye-bye lectures I'm outta here. Flying at the speed of light, thoughts in my mind fled. Some things said and some left unsaid. Engrossed in my world I cross a red cloud A cop wearing a jet pack ends my ride. "लाइसेंस दाखव नाहीतर विमान स्टेशन ला घेऊन चल",he says. In a fury I try to fly away from that place, "You there! Red t-shirt. stand up!",the teacher smears. "Were you sleeping during my lecture?" Losing all my glory I stand up,head bowed down. Not speaking a word; to myself I frown, "Damn that knight got me

The Pursuit of Happyness!

                      It's something that we all crave. You will never find a person who is working hard so that he could be sad,angry,frustrated. Whatever people do, there is one sole reason for that!Draining up their sweat and blood; all this for one simple purpose! One amongst the unalienable rights of every citizen- The pursuit of happyness! ( I know it's happiness).                       It seems though that everyone has taken the word "Pursuit" too literally. Happiness doesn't really lie in pursuing something. It's about being able to pursue that happiness in your means. That ought to make you happy. Simply put, existence is the real reason to be happy. In my own words: "Existence is the opportunity to deserve everything you have ever dreamed of!"                        People getting sad about small things is more likely to be seen than people being happy about small things. It's never difficult to find happiness. Helping a mute p

His conversation with life and death

As he stared across the horizon he felt as if he was staring into a mirror. Like the ocean, life seemed infinite in so many ways yet somewhere it had to meet death like the ocean met land. A midst the sunset and the melody of the waves he forgot all of his pain for a moment and it all came back to him. How he had talked to life and death in the past two days..... *Goes back in time* 36 hours ago: It was almost 2am and he was taking a walk along the stretch of the beach.The clear sky bustled with stars while the full moon beamed just enough light. The sand which was unbearably hot during the day was now cold as ice; yet he continued walking barefoot as it felt good. As the waves broke at the shore the reflection of the nightlights made it look as if the water generated sparks. 'Life couldn't get any beautiful'.  24 hours ago: He was touring around.... All of a sudden something terrible happened! Within seconds his entire life flashed inside his mind. This was the wo

No passion for compassion?!

Just about a few months ago, I was standing by the edge of a footpath and suddenly I felt someone was trying to hold on to my shoulder tightly from behind me. It was as if someone's trying to push me down. I turned back agitated and when I was just about to shout "What the!", the person uttered with a low hesitant voice ,"I'm handicapped....sorry". I was dumbstruck with guilt. I just stood there for a moment not knowing what to do with an expression as blank as paper. After a second or two knowingly or unknowingly I muttered ,"sorry". He simply got a hold of his crutches; adjusting his fixture he replied, "don't be" and left the place. I looked around and realized the uneven surface of the footpath and a very small space left between two parked motorbikes had caused him to lose his balance. This incident kept coming back to my mind for days. How could I be so insensitive and lose my temper just because a person in need held my shoul