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His conversation with life and death

As he stared across the horizon he felt as if he was staring into a mirror. Like the ocean, life seemed infinite in so many ways yet somewhere it had to meet death like the ocean met land. A midst the sunset and the melody of the waves he forgot all of his pain for a moment and it all came back to him. How he had talked to life and death in the past two days..... *Goes back in time* 36 hours ago: It was almost 2am and he was taking a walk along the stretch of the beach.The clear sky bustled with stars while the full moon beamed just enough light. The sand which was unbearably hot during the day was now cold as ice; yet he continued walking barefoot as it felt good. As the waves broke at the shore the reflection of the nightlights made it look as if the water generated sparks. 'Life couldn't get any beautiful'.  24 hours ago: He was touring around.... All of a sudden something terrible happened! Within seconds his entire life flashed inside his mind. This was the wo

No passion for compassion?!

Just about a few months ago, I was standing by the edge of a footpath and suddenly I felt someone was trying to hold on to my shoulder tightly from behind me. It was as if someone's trying to push me down. I turned back agitated and when I was just about to shout "What the!", the person uttered with a low hesitant voice ,"I'm handicapped....sorry". I was dumbstruck with guilt. I just stood there for a moment not knowing what to do with an expression as blank as paper. After a second or two knowingly or unknowingly I muttered ,"sorry". He simply got a hold of his crutches; adjusting his fixture he replied, "don't be" and left the place. I looked around and realized the uneven surface of the footpath and a very small space left between two parked motorbikes had caused him to lose his balance. This incident kept coming back to my mind for days. How could I be so insensitive and lose my temper just because a person in need held my shoul