The Pursuit of Happyness!

                      It's something that we all crave. You will never find a person who is working hard so that he could be sad,angry,frustrated. Whatever people do, there is one sole reason for that!Draining up their sweat and blood; all this for one simple purpose! One amongst the unalienable rights of every citizen- The pursuit of happyness! ( I know it's happiness).
                      It seems though that everyone has taken the word "Pursuit" too literally. Happiness doesn't really lie in pursuing something. It's about being able to pursue that happiness in your means. That ought to make you happy. Simply put, existence is the real reason to be happy. In my own words:
"Existence is the opportunity to deserve everything you have ever dreamed of!" 
                      People getting sad about small things is more likely to be seen than people being happy about small things. It's never difficult to find happiness. Helping a mute person communicate with the bus conductor, bringing a smile to someone's face when they are down . Small effortless things like this bring enough happiness. And this happiness is ultimately the driving force for a much greater "pursuit" for happiness. Happiness is an epidemic the world desperately needs to be infected with.
                      So why be sad when you can be happy. Someone suggested me to write on this topic out of happiness. That's why if you have read until here. Just take a moment to smile, the sole reason for this article.

P.S: Don't be so happy that you start singing like Pharrel Williams. It looks stupid!


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