Until a couple of weeks ago I had made it up in my mind to write about the devastating rains ruining my vacations. From the season of love it had turned into a weapon of mass destruction for all us Mumbaikars. Every single plan was cancelled as it would rain heavily in the morning and then the media asked everyone to stay indoors. Thanks to the same rains that the internet connection was unstable and I was too bored to type on the blogger app. I had to use a 3G net pack for clash of clans. *cries* Stupid rains! It can be justified why this city started hating this season so much by looking at these pictures. Trains halted, offices closed,people trapped,cars turning into amphibians it was all happening here!

I'm sure you've seen many of these and get a gist of what I mean.

So here I was; irritated by this shitty weather but then I took a hike to my village. Mostly because I have become a jobless jack these days. Now, I have no photography skills nor do I own a camera neither is this some tourist location. Here's what I managed to capture of the landscape that stood before me....

 Trust me ,I've been to this place before during my summer vacations when I was a child and those mountains used to look barren and dry as hell.
All of us have seen a child cry. The child cannot speak or maybe cannot express something through speech. So the child seeks attention to get what he wants by crying out loud. Maybe, that is what nature is doing. Trying to speak to us through rain.Leaving it on us whether to choose the ugly or good side of nature to abide by. Either we follow the laws of nature or let nature have it's way with us. We may have to let go of certain possessions but not getting in the way of nature is our best chance to survive. Look at what our selfish actions have got us to so far......
Here's a beautiful poem :  
Let it rain, let it rain
On the wintry withered earth
Let the rain take away the pain
From my weary heart
Happiness is not the gift of love
Neither is the pitiful pain
The bequest of love is nothing but love
Let it rain, let it rain
On the sleepy land, trees and flowers
Over my inspiring spirit
Let the rain clasp thy nature's
Rhythm, with my heart-beat; 
Let it rain, let it rain
On my soul silent and still
Let the rain loose thy rein
On my emotions rousing
For in the rain I see you my love
O clasp me to your bosom
Let the rain take me to you my love
And bring me back my song. 
P.S: A special thanks to my friends who suggested me this topic and also to Rohith for proofreading this for me. Either Rohith or Neeraj,whoever is online; always proofread my articles and my mistakes are killed before they spawn. Suggestions,criticisms,reviews are always welcome.

Just like always,adios!


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