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How to be a nationalist!

                      "Aa mere watan ke logon..........,"the sound of this evergreen melody by Lata Mangeshkar being performed in a school nearby woke me up. My mind was confused between either getting up or taking a trip down the memory lane remembering those good ol' school days where Independence day celebration was just as grand as any other Indian festive affair. Determined,not to waste the morning somehow I woke up. I put up the national flag on the door which I had bought the day before from a young kid selling them on a traffic signal. 'I fail to understand the irony that the people selling these flags are the ones to whom the nation fails to even provide the basic human needs'.  I glared across the hallway noticing that my neighbour had outdone me by decorating his entire door with flags and heart shaped balloons having the Indian tricolor.'Well good for him. But,maybe instead of decorating a particular area for just a day we bothered more about kee