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Yet Another Brick In The Wall

He was a dreamer... Until he realized he'd slept too long, Everyone who bade him goodnight before he slept Was now amidst the sunny day far gone. Everyone had priorities and he prioritized everyone Only to find he was second on everyone's list. He used to give a fuck,so now he could give a fuck less. Jack of no trades , defeating himself in every second attempt.. This time he shoot for the moon and got lost gazing at the stars. He waved and smiled, Learning to solve problems of the world For his problems stopped being a problem. They've been successful in programming his soul He doesn't have dreams anymore,he just has goals! Well listening to Pink Floyd and having in mind that engineer's day had just passed by made me write this one. Even I couldn't expect such negativity from me , but being nothing makes you write about something I guess. Thanks for reading. Adios! Title courtesy - Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd