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Types of Species you can see in Engineering colleges during Submissions!!

Two weeks of rigorous writing and yet the ghost of submissions isn't past me. Though it sounds like some usual academic thing but it is much brutal than the submission you saw in 50 shades! Being bored with a monotonous life as usual and hence coming here to make myself feel good*grins*, I decided to take screenshots whenever I found something unique during this festive season of submission. So, here's a list of some of THE TYPES OF SPECIES YOU CAN SEE IN ENGINEERING COLLEGES DURING SUBMISSIONS: 1. The Confused bunch: Everyone has their own doubts and nobody knows what's going on. Well, this the first sign that submissions have begun! 2. The Completers: While everyone is yet to start writing. These are the people who have everything ready. Thanks to them the entire class has someone to follow.  3.The Hoarders: They will find out every first completed assignment and take it home. Yet after a week they haven't written a thing. They are like scavenge