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Saturday Morning, 4 A.M.

           Restless, he could not sleep. An empty brain filled with a thousand voices yet all that echoed was silence. He woke up and as he rubbed his eyes it was all a blur like aerials of light circling around in the dark. This darkness felt like a long acquaintance to him, something that had been watching over him just like old buddies meeting after a long time. All he knew was that a vision approached him...embracing him. Every day as he slept the vision slowly grew within him...he began to realize   now as the voices merged into one. In unison, they all echoed and took him to a place he had never been before.               On that restless   night   he walked alone on the busy streets. He could see dreams everywhere. He saw people dream of visiting beautiful places around the globe. He saw people salvaging the world. The world cried,for those who would not get to see her beauty and for those who were stupid enough to spoil her beauty. People who spoke about peace