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The Deaf Girl's Secret!

It was almost half past 3 and Jake, with his headphones put on and some pdf opened up on the screen was busy writing for straight three hours now. Yes, this was again the season of submissions. The season which comes twice a year and becomes every student’s nightmare! The rest of the college was done with them and he felt as if he was the last scribbling. The one who begins the race when the winner is already announced! He already knew that no matter what he did with those assignments his grades for the semester were doomed. He had two more days to get done with his work and hope for grades better than just passing ones. Suddenly a notification popped up on his mobile screen. He scrolled down the notification panel and a message from someone in a group   read:   “Season 5 of Game of Thrones leaked !” He felt blood rush through his veins. The excitement he had for the upcoming episode and now he was blessed with the entire season. LIKE 10 DAMN EPISODES!!! He closed the notificatio


As he stared into the mirror, he felt a stranger stare back at him. A stranger who looked just like him but his eyes were all judgmental. " I bet you think you're pretty clever, don't you boy?" Was the mirror really talking to him? Or was he hearing his own repressed voice ? Or maybe a song stuck in his head... and the mirror sang, "Flying on your motorcycle Watching all the ground beneath you drop Kill yourself for recognition Kill yourself to never ever stop You broke another mirror You're turning into something you are not." Accumulating all that was inside the vault, he closed his eyes pulled his arm back and punched the mirror with all his might. Neither did the glass crack nor did his fist hurt. He felt a power matching his which stopped his hand. There was no sense of brutality in the force’s action. Infact it was calm just like the morning breeze. He opened his eyes to see his hand halfway through the mirror held by the image he saw