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A Ride to Remember

Flexing his eyes in all possible directions, he finally gave up and couldn't hold his tears any longer. It had been almost 10 minutes since he finished reading the book. 'What a fateful setting to finish reading such a book!' he thought to himself as the bus steered past the dark streets. Just as he closed ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ to keep it in his bag, a tear fell onto the cover of the book. As he looked towards it, his eyes stopped at the innocuous looking Anne Frank. He had lost track of where the bus was, how many people were on it. In the deafening silence of the empty bus he could feel a connection to the face on the cover. Not just her image or her story, he felt connected to her thoughts, he could feel what she went through and what it would have been like to be in her shoes, even beyond the physical and psychological aspects of her tragedy. Goosebumps all over his arms and tears gushing out of his now closed eyes, all he could think of was the line- "

A new beginning, again.

The sky was cast with dark clouds, the moonlight struggled to make its way through this veneer that lay over the sea. For a moment​ the howling wind swayed away the clouds and a star filled canvas made a brief appearance. The sound of the dancing waves was just as sweet as a lullaby. He wished that the waves never hit shore and this lullaby went on forever. He lay on the raft gazing at the sky, while the moon, stars and the clouds played hide and seek. The wind and the waves cheered on in support while his mind had been looping “ I’m lost at sea, don’t bother me….” all along. The playful wind and waves suddenly turned recalcitrant and rain started falling from the stars.  Soaked and shivering he woke up, standing up and crossing the threshold towards  consciousness … The raft was missing and there was no sea surrounding him. He had no recollection of how he ended up sleeping on the sidewalk . Baffled, he gathered his thoughts as he looked around and ran towards the bus stop on the st

The Job Interview(under oath)

Carl had finally advanced to the last year of his engineering degree. Just one year to go! It had really been a struggle for him. He had even featured in the news for scoring a perfect 4 pointer on 10 for 6 continuous semesters. When asked he used to give the same old reply, "Somehow, I manage!" Until now he had been told he had no prospects of getting a job well because of his GPA most probably and he didn't care either. You could rarely see him in class during college. If you saw him, he would be in his same old shirt, his eyes stating the obvious that he was on a seraphic high. His world had turned upside down this morning when he got a call from his friend that he was eligible to attend a placement drive. BCS (Bata Chappal Services) one of world's biggest conglomerate was coming to campus and he had known everyone except him was eligible for the placement drive. He inquired here and there, just to know that apparently almost everyone had lied on their resumes

The Fault in our Democracy.

"Send Nudes!"  . . . . Now that I have you attention. This is going to be a verbose post and it might force you to think. It might also offend you. However, I hope you spend the next few minutes reading it. You might not regret reading it. Thank you. We all know Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people.' As India recently celebrated its 68th Republic Day some would think ‘WOAH! You gotta be going places by now.’ However it appears as if the modern definition of democracy in our country somewhat reads like 'Government off the people, buy the people, for the sheeple .' To me it appears as if we have created our own version of democracy. An illusion far off from what the founders had imagined it to be! When democracy was supposed to be about not dividing the society into ever, we seem contented with classification according to castes, as a matter of fact we want more! To add t

The Year That Wasn't!

Akash: How is it going guys! Wish you a very happy new semester. So, to start of this year me and Neeraj have formed an alliance to come up with a written podcast. No no, I won't kick off Neeraj midway just like Mulayam. I'm not yet in the zone continue Neeraj. Neeraj: I know you folks are still recovering from that gala called new year's eve celebrations. I just hope all that alcohol, partying and loud music helped you to forget all the shit that happened in your life and made you feel happy. And if that didn't work, here's a little something for you guys to introspect about.  Yesterday, just when couples were kissing under the mistletoe at the stroke of  midnight , I was busy slaughtering iguanas in my dreams with a chainsaw, dressed up in camel toe. And then, 2016 paid me a brief visit before going away into nowhere land. Yeah. You might think who the fuck dreams about iguanas. Well I do. Iguanas are awesome as fuck. Anyway, I just had a cha