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The Year That Wasn't!

Akash: How is it going guys! Wish you a very happy new semester. So, to start of this year me and Neeraj have formed an alliance to come up with a written podcast. No no, I won't kick off Neeraj midway just like Mulayam. I'm not yet in the zone continue Neeraj. Neeraj: I know you folks are still recovering from that gala called new year's eve celebrations. I just hope all that alcohol, partying and loud music helped you to forget all the shit that happened in your life and made you feel happy. And if that didn't work, here's a little something for you guys to introspect about.  Yesterday, just when couples were kissing under the mistletoe at the stroke of  midnight , I was busy slaughtering iguanas in my dreams with a chainsaw, dressed up in camel toe. And then, 2016 paid me a brief visit before going away into nowhere land. Yeah. You might think who the fuck dreams about iguanas. Well I do. Iguanas are awesome as fuck. Anyway, I just had a cha