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The Fault in our Democracy.

"Send Nudes!"  . . . . Now that I have you attention. This is going to be a verbose post and it might force you to think. It might also offend you. However, I hope you spend the next few minutes reading it. You might not regret reading it. Thank you. We all know Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people.' As India recently celebrated its 68th Republic Day some would think ‘WOAH! You gotta be going places by now.’ However it appears as if the modern definition of democracy in our country somewhat reads like 'Government off the people, buy the people, for the sheeple .' To me it appears as if we have created our own version of democracy. An illusion far off from what the founders had imagined it to be! When democracy was supposed to be about not dividing the society into ever, we seem contented with classification according to castes, as a matter of fact we want more! To add t