The Fault in our Democracy.

"Send Nudes!" 
Now that I have you attention. This is going to be a verbose post and it might force you to think. It might also offend you. However, I hope you spend the next few minutes reading it. You might not regret reading it. Thank you.

We all know Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people.' As India recently celebrated its 68th Republic Day some would think ‘WOAH! You gotta be going places by now.’ However it appears as if the modern definition of democracy in our country somewhat reads like 'Government off the people, buy the people, for the sheeple.' To me it appears as if we have created our own version of democracy. An illusion far off from what the founders had imagined it to be!

When democracy was supposed to be about not dividing the society into ever, we seem contented with classification according to castes, as a matter of fact we want more! To add to this, economic division is pretty much still evident, innit? Democracy was meant to provide equal opportunity for all, everyone getting their shot at success. But we can all agree on the remarkable differences that exist between the opportunities available to a kid with a silver spoon in his mouth or a silver caste printed on his documents against that of a ‘nobody’. AND mind you, I'm not complaining about reservation. I wouldn't touch that topic even with a ten foot pole!

All I mean to say is that, we are all living in a big giant bubble of delusion. Far off from the ideal democracy and this version just like the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., is overrated! It’s good, but gets more credit than it deserves and overshadows the better contemporaries.

Getting started, this article stems from my recent readings on societal structures which in turn fixated my eyes on the trend of political correctness. Well this is quite a treacherous thing and after making rounds in the western democracies  has decided to hit India. What this movement of political correctness does in layman terms is that, everyone starts acting like a suave uptight brat and everything they do categorizes as liberal.

A subject with the heading "Great men from India" suddenly becomes offensive to people because all of a sudden they realize there aren’t any great women or someone from the LGBT community or someone from some random sub domain in there. 

No matter who you are, if your thoughts don't sound like you're some hipster doofus, you become a pariah. This in turn leads to useless opposition. No matter how good something is, or whether you actually have a valid point against something... the main thing is to just have some view. You gotta have something that you can type sitting behind the comfort of your computer. Even if something does not concern you or bother you, people act like they no longer have the option to not give a damn!

The rise of this increasing affinity to correctness ultimately leads to the death of intellect. Just for a moment reflect on your social interactions, standpoints and then deliberate on this: How much freedom of thought are we practicing in comparison to the freedom of speech that we so much love to enjoy. All that endless gibberish. As a democracy progresses, it is supposed to mature. The sought after freedom of speech is someday expected to grow into freedom of thought. We were supposed to have our own renaissance of sorts. But looking at the tweets of some of our most influential and supposedly intellectual people, all I can say is…*Can’t think of anything. Blinded by banal viewpoints*
Image result for all of that chit chat hurt

Looking at the current situation of the resistance there is against stuff and taking into consideration the points above, somewhere it appears as if the European aristocracy was better than the present day democracy. It was this Aristocracy that motivated people to bring out their independent spirit against the rising tyranny. We at least had Arnab but even he disappeared!

The one mistake we do is to mistake democracy with liberty because in reality both are completely different things. Due to all the pressure of being liberal, we indeed are facing a fear of tyranny. A tyranny not from the government, our constitution is strong enough to prevent that, but what we face is the fear of tyranny by the majority, on every single issue. This talk of liberty then takes a detour towards the equality town...

In what sense are we equal? The majority rules the country. It's not like everyone is their own king. I get it; we are equal in the sense that each voter has an equal weight for his vote. No matter who it is their vote will add 1 to the total count. But in the end all that happens is majority dominates the individual, no matter what the issue is. People team up, lose their individual thought. All that matters to them is that, combined they can overpower the individual. Conclusion," there is no equality when it 99 to 1 or 1 to 99."

The way we are headed, it seems like the worthless intellectual majority will continue its tyranny. Pushing their views onto us as long as we keep admiring them. It will hinder our progress, compromise our individualistic characteristics, exhaust our spirits and one fine day we will all be reduced to a herd blindly following the one ahead of us - in a CIRCLE!

The thoughts above are at no point directed towards the political scenario. Wouldn't care enough about that at all because whoever is in power, ‘Ye bik gayi hai gormint!’ xD. Also this isn't some propaganda or a manifesto. Just putting the word out. Think about it if you will. Matter of actual concern is the intellectual identity of our democracy. A nation without any intellect would be very difficult to imagine. We are now at a stage where a Black buck died of natural causes during some hunting trip xD. It's time to get things in prospective before all this stupidity is out of control.

When it's all over, at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves: Have we maintained our individual spirit or not?
For all the bashing that happened here's something to cheer up about.

Image result for winston churchill on democracy
You survived through this boring post! Thank you for reading this one despite the urge to throw whatever device you're reading this on at my face. Will be back soon; just to antagonize you again!

Until then,
Au Revoir!


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