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The Job Interview(under oath)

Carl had finally advanced to the last year of his engineering degree. Just one year to go! It had really been a struggle for him. He had even featured in the news for scoring a perfect 4 pointer on 10 for 6 continuous semesters. When asked he used to give the same old reply, "Somehow, I manage!" Until now he had been told he had no prospects of getting a job well because of his GPA most probably and he didn't care either. You could rarely see him in class during college. If you saw him, he would be in his same old shirt, his eyes stating the obvious that he was on a seraphic high. His world had turned upside down this morning when he got a call from his friend that he was eligible to attend a placement drive. BCS (Bata Chappal Services) one of world's biggest conglomerate was coming to campus and he had known everyone except him was eligible for the placement drive. He inquired here and there, just to know that apparently almost everyone had lied on their resumes