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A new beginning, again.

The sky was cast with dark clouds, the moonlight struggled to make its way through this veneer that lay over the sea. For a moment​ the howling wind swayed away the clouds and a star filled canvas made a brief appearance. The sound of the dancing waves was just as sweet as a lullaby. He wished that the waves never hit shore and this lullaby went on forever. He lay on the raft gazing at the sky, while the moon, stars and the clouds played hide and seek. The wind and the waves cheered on in support while his mind had been looping “ I’m lost at sea, don’t bother me….” all along. The playful wind and waves suddenly turned recalcitrant and rain started falling from the stars.  Soaked and shivering he woke up, standing up and crossing the threshold towards  consciousness … The raft was missing and there was no sea surrounding him. He had no recollection of how he ended up sleeping on the sidewalk . Baffled, he gathered his thoughts as he looked around and ran towards the bus stop on the st