A Ride to Remember

Flexing his eyes in all possible directions, he finally gave up and couldn't hold his tears any longer. It had been almost 10 minutes since he finished reading the book. 'What a fateful setting to finish reading such a book!' he thought to himself as the bus steered past the dark streets. Just as he closed ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ to keep it in his bag, a tear fell onto the cover of the book. As he looked towards it, his eyes stopped at the innocuous looking Anne Frank. He had lost track of where the bus was, how many people were on it. In the deafening silence of the empty bus he could feel a connection to the face on the cover. Not just her image or her story, he felt connected to her thoughts, he could feel what she went through and what it would have been like to be in her shoes, even beyond the physical and psychological aspects of her tragedy.

Goosebumps all over his arms and tears gushing out of his now closed eyes, all he could think of was the line- "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." His mind started repeating this on a loop. How can someone who is in such a situation possibly be capable of writing such a thing? Can he, being in a much better situation say the same thing? The foundation that she had built her hopes upon so many years ago, can that foundation still exist in today’s reality? Do those hopes have a chance at survival today? Had she been here now, would she still continue to believe that people are good at heart? The most dreaded question of all, would I consider myself to ever have been good at heart let alone still being good at heart?

Nothing had come in right, not for him, not for the entire world. Cruelty as persistent as ever. Peace and tranquility- just abstract concepts taught to children, maybe a long long time back people would've been able to really define these terms but now they were simply out of sight and definitely out of everyone's mind.

A pat on his back startled him in the middle of his train of thoughts. Before he could even look who it was, a familiar looking girl stood pointing towards the seat next to him, "Do you mind?" "Ummmm sure, have a seat" he muttered with a bewildered look on his face trying to maintain a composure and appear as though he wasn't crying. "I just happened to see what you were reading and then could not stop myself from talking to you after seeing the bookmark placed right after the last page. I have always wanted to talk to someone about this book, especially when someone has just finished reading it." All he could say was, "Do I know you?" when she interrupted him again saying, "Doesn't matter. Nice to meet you. I know how you must be feeling right now. Same thing had happened to me. This book tends to have an effect that is just surreal!"

"But....." again, he got interrupted. "Let me talk, I know what you were about to ask... Look the book isn't about being good or being bad; it isn't even about having high hopes or false hopes. The foundations talked about are the underlying traits of all basic human nature. Think of yourself from 10 years ago, all the innocence and cluelessness. Doesn't that give you even a slightest feeling of peace of mind. No matter what, that affable little part of you always stays with you. And so it does with everyone around you. You, me, we all see the poaching wilderness, the approaching thunder. We all know that in some form or other, there are millions who suffer. Doesn’t matter what happens to us everyday, whenever at the end of the day we close our eyes looking at the sky, we decide that tomorrow is going to be a better day. All the stuff that went wrong today, will be fine tomorrow. All that didn't happen, will happen sometime in future. Sometimes we try, or maybe sometimes we procrastinate but somehow, we end up doing what we need to do. We all always hope for a better tomorrow. It as simple as that, don’t  think so much about it. Remember the time when as a child you used to always tell your teacher, “ma’am I'll do it tomorrow”? Life is nothing but a grown up version of it. It was like this even before Anne Frank and is going stay long past us gone. Everything without hope is just a farce. Think about this from both, a narrow and a broad perspective. Somehow, we manage to find the balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are. You wouldn't be reading this book if Anne Frank had dug so much into her mind like you are digging right now."

As awestruck as he was by listening to all this, his tears had dried off completely. "Look we reached our bus stop and I didn't even give you a chance to speak.", she chuckled.

As they got down at the stop, she said- "Goodbye! I have to go in the opposite direction. Just don't let your life pass you by and weep not for memories." She waved goodbye turned her back towards him and started walking away. He stood there in the dark with the faded moonlight lurking around him. As he glanced at the cover of the book he felt a strong sense of familiarity with the picture of the girl on it. Looking up towards the direction she went he could make out a shadow disappear into the darkness. He slowly walked towards his home and thought to himself- 'No matter how dark the night is, there is always hope of a better tomorrow!'


Well don't ask what kind of fiction I am trying to depict and within what genre. When life is randomized to it's fullest this is the kind of stuff that comes out of the mind. I know it was crappy enough to make you just skim through it or may be make you just skipped it entirely, but I got a break that was much needed in the past two hours as I was writing this.

Here's a hint of what I am currently suffering from:
1.Writing makes me more relaxed than a vertex which was just noticed by Dijkstra.
2. When the math gets too difficult, the best thing to be is a null set!
3. I can cook more dishes than I can name!
4. Finally, my table of 65 is now stronger than the table of 1 or 2!(Get it? :p)

I could go on and on with the shitty anecdotes. However, you have a life to live, so go, live it to the fullest!
I hope you few readers will continue reading the next time I post something, however I don't see it coming soon in linear time and also that my very smart editor will stick around too XD (added by the editor :D). Perhaps at some lose bound on exponential time.
Ok sorry, mindfcuk = = maxxxx!!! 

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Au revoir!

Have a good one


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