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Best day of my life!

"I remember that day as if all of this happened just yesterday. I was waiting at the door calling out your great grandmother to get me my lunch box. She came running through the hall passage and handed it over to me. I grabbed it and started running. Now that I think about it, it could have well been like a scene from the Olympic relay races. The stakes were really high. I started running down the stairs while simultaneously placing my lunch box into my school bag with just one hand. I was done with it by the time I reached the ground floor. I started running towards the intersection where your favorite ice cream shop is. I gained pace as I sprinted through the compound. I used to have a rectangular backpack back then, with prints of some cartoon character. A water bottle clinging on to my neck, baggy half pants and a checkered shirt, the sleeves of which ended around my elbow and talcum powder smothered all over my face courtesy of your grandmother. Watching a chubby young lad