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A Bazaar Meetup

The majestic skyline in the backdrop is looking down at me. I have always enjoyed the shade of the concrete jungle and living here is like dream come true. Its Thursday and being a creature of habit, I start walking towards the weekly street bazaar. I have not bought anything here per se. It has been years since Whole Foods has been looting my whole salary, but the Gyros and Pretzels are really to die for and incentive enough to want to venture onto the streets. Besides, all the dope stories I keep hearing about people having some really paranormally ludicrous experiences, a couple of them from my friends and colleagues about how something happened right here, in this very bazaar which left them aghast, have me intrigued and so I return back to have my own! It has been almost two years of these weekly walks and each visit has only furthered my belief that there is some correlation between the stories I have heard and the Marijuana legalization wave, which swept the world about