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The rainy days

So you have been up to some interesting shenanigans lately? Traveled somewhere cool, met someone famous, cooked something special, went to a sheesha place with friends? Obviously, you posted about it all on Instagram or somehow somewhere got a fix for your FOMO. This is the time we live in, it has become so banal to see these "insta worthy" moments. Is this the new ordinary? ..........It was a mild Saturday noon and the calendar approached the end of Fall, having recovered from the Friday Night and bored out of my mind I decided to do what had now become a sporadic habit in the last few months. Go people-watching on Pearl street. It was just a 15-minute bike ride but was enough to become airheaded and I started wondering how I'd started to indulge in this activity which I'd perhaps have detested a couple of years ago. There are times when you just don't feel like watching something, reading something, going to the gym or a hike. You just wanna be there, existi